Our People

Our yacht captains, hostesses and tour guides are all courteous, agreeable people who love their jobs and have many years’ experience providing their services to the tourism sector. Our past guests’ testimonials serve to confirm that our company’s success is, without a doubt, due to a great extent to these trusted individuals, the Aegean Whispers partners.

They have been carefully selected as much for their knowledge and experience as for their professionalism, courtesy and positive attitude. The success of Aegean Whispers is interwoven with the impeccable services of our yacht crews, and it is about them that all who have traveled with us rave.

Our captains, sunbaked in the salt of the sea, gaze focused on the infinite blue of the Greek waters, know the weather and its caprices in both the Aegean and Ionian Seas, and know every port, every cove and every bay. They are always keen to share their secret inlets, calm even in the roughest of seas, where the turquoise blue waters are always crystal clear and the seabed visible far below the surface. With mastery they tame the winds no matter which way they blow, making them compliant fellow travelers, and bringing the boat safely into the tranquil harbor waters. With a love of sailing and the seas, our skippers will introduce travelers to their territory, their waters, and eagerly share them with guests as much as they would like.

Our hostesses, friendly and gracious, have an innate sense of discretion and know just when and where they are needed onboard, whether to prepare and serve breakfast and a light lunch or to manage the day-to-day cleaning of the boat. They will answer your questions, and help you see, taste and experience the things you have come here for. In short, they are there when you need them and not when you do not.

Onboard Services


5-star Services onboard the yacht of your preference

Upon arrival at Athens International Airport, an Aegean Whispers driver will be waiting to take you straight to the marina where your holiday yacht is moored.



At Aegean Whispers, we are both confident and proud of our partnership choices, which are based on professionalism and experience in combination with character –hospitable, consistent and enthusiastic. Naturally, we have in-depth knowledge and experience of all the places we recommend to our visitors

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Recommended Itineraries

At Aegean Whispers, our guests and their wishes serve as the defining guidelines in the creation of personalized vacation itineraries. A diverse variety of island destinations has been carefully chosen so that travelers can have the fullest possible experience in terms of contact with the land, the culture and its people, relaxation, fun and memories of a trip thoroughly enjoyable for the body, mind and soul.
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Our mission, "To maintain our position at the top, among the best
providers in the tourism services field".


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