Active since 2005 and now operating as “Aegean Whispers”, our company of tourism industry professionals designs and executes maritime travel itineraries which are centered on the wishes and desires of those visitors who entrust their precious holidays to us.

With our love of Greece guiding our internal compass, we long to share with our guests all that has captivated us and made us adore this land, to etch routes across the vast blue sea that surrounds our country and to recommend coastal destinations and secret bays and coves that will become experiences of a lifetime.

Our well-trained and highly knowledgeable team, with expertise in maritime and conference planning tourism, are pioneers in the provision of services that unite the rich historical heritage of Greece with its immense natural beauty and all the possibilities that these can offer its visitors.

We listen to your dream vacation ideas and offer comprehensive individualized proposals for maritime itineraries throughout Greece, the country that we live and work in and know so well. We strive to enrich your knowledge and broaden your horizons, transforming travel into an experience that is fun, soothing, relaxing and at once informative and replete with new experiences.

Aegean Whispers opens up the history of this magnificent country to you, with its infinitely radiant culture whose light was bright enough to shine on the western world and transform the basic principles upon which future nations were founded.

We invite you to try the mouthwatering, healthy flavors of the Greek brand of Mediterranean cuisine. We challenge you to make the most of your trip by trying water or land sports and enjoying the abundant Greek sun and sea to the fullest extent.

We organize our exclusive “Conferences at Sea” in the same spirit of providing top quality services centered around the sea, offering our guests the unique opportunity to carry out their professional activities within the rich marine environment of the Greek seas.

The testimonials that we have received over the years from visitors who have entrusted their holidays to us have served to inspire us in our continued quest to lead the way in the design and execution of state of the art maritime itineraries in what we believe to be one of the planet’s most spectacular corners: our Greece.

It was one of the best experiences we ever had - especially because we were able to meet real Greek families and felt connected to the island.

Sincerely, All the Hoovers USA and UK


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Recommended Itineraries

At Aegean Whispers, our guests and their wishes serve as the defining guidelines in the creation of personalized vacation itineraries. A diverse variety of island destinations has been carefully chosen so that travelers can have the fullest possible experience in terms of contact with the land, the culture and its people, relaxation, fun and memories of a trip thoroughly enjoyable for the body, mind and soul.
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Our mission, "To maintain our position at the top, among the best
providers in the tourism services field".


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