The gentle sway of the welcoming sea, the salt-tinged air propelling the billowing sails: with Aegean Whispers, its people, vast knowledge and experience, you’ll assemble a tapestry of precious moments, experience a multitude of journeys wrapped up in one trip, uncover the endless possibilities that Greece has to offer and return home richer, fuller and stronger for it.

Together we’ll design the pathways that your trip will venture along and then tweak them, if you wish, as we are en route. And along the way we’ll show you first-hand the Greece that we know and love, that has nurtured us and made us proud: the formidable Greek culture, the deliciously fresh Mediterranean cuisine with its oil, fruits and wines, the experience of taming the waves with just a steering wheel and sail, exploring land and sea and the vast wealth and variety they offer, always interesting, always attractive.

Culture, flavors, sailing, swimming and dozens of opportunities for water and land sports will enrich your trip, which will be tailored to your wants and needs and always open to any alterations, whenever, wherever. Because with Aegean Whispers, there are no commitments and no restrictions, just the freedom and flexibility that only a good boat, an experienced captain and the open blue sea can offer.

Services Included

Basic services include

  • the sailing yacht
  • crew
  • fuel
  • taxes
  • marina expenses
  • breakfast and lunch on all onboard days
  • one airport transfer

In addition to the basic services provided, Aegean Whispers can also arrange for reservations at the hotel of your choice to be made, as well as the booking of holiday property rentals and car rentals, among other services

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Recommended Itineraries

At Aegean Whispers, our guests and their wishes serve as the defining guidelines in the creation of personalized vacation itineraries. A diverse variety of island destinations has been carefully chosen so that travelers can have the fullest possible experience in terms of contact with the land, the culture and its people, relaxation, fun and memories of a trip thoroughly enjoyable for the body, mind and soul.
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Our mission, "To maintain our position at the top, among the best
providers in the tourism services field".


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