This is where it all began. A sturdy boat with strong sails and the vast blue sea all around. That is how the idea for a trip started to take shape. The idea of sailing through the beauties of the Mediterranean brought you here, to us, to Aegean Whispers. And now it’s time for us to take you by the hand and bring that notion to fruition. For those who love the sea, for whom the sea is a journey in and of itself, we open our sails and let the winds guide us from port to port, destination to destination.

Windless days are rare in Greek waters. In summer, the islands are cooled by breezes and sails cheerfully billow, letting the warm winds have their way. At Aegean Whispers we love the sea and travelling on it, and offer it to you in the most natural, time-revered way: sail tied to mast, wind at your back and a captain who is first among the best and will safely guide you through this enchanting journey.

Almost as soon as we stepped on board, we felt an internal shift

Guy and Larissa Lewis


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At Aegean Whispers, our guests and their wishes serve as the defining guidelines in the creation of personalized vacation itineraries. A diverse variety of island destinations has been carefully chosen so that travelers can have the fullest possible experience in terms of contact with the land, the culture and its people, relaxation, fun and memories of a trip thoroughly enjoyable for the body, mind and soul.
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Our mission, "To maintain our position at the top, among the best
providers in the tourism services field".


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